Izzy Taylor

"It's the horses responsibility to jump the fence, it's your responsibility to give them the correct canter, straightness and the energy."

About Izzy

Born into an equestrian family in 1983 Izzy started riding from a very young age, riding a huge variety of ponies and being out on the hunting field at just four years old put her in very good stead to become one of Britain’s talented young riders. Izzy has had some amazing achievements over the years. Here are some more recent as there are far too many to mention. Highlights so far in 2017: 1st in CIC3* with KBIS Starburst at Belton, 5th in CIC3* with Frog Rock at Belton, 2nd in CCI1* with Monkeying Around at Ballindenisk, 1st in CIC3* with Trevidden at Bramham, 1st in CIC3* with Perfect Stranger at Mallow, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in CIC3* with Trevidden, Be Touchable and Perfect Stranger respectively at Camphire and 1st in CIC2* with DHI Jet Set at Somerford to name just a few. A true master on the Eventing stage.

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