Russell Guire

"It's amazing how the riders position can change how your horse moves. "

About Russell

Centaur Biomechanics, founded in 2006 by Russell Guire, is a company which specialises in horse and rider performance analysis. Serving the equine industry in providing the latest software and techniques available to help improve performance and maintain soundness of both the horse and rider. In 2006, Russell became an Equinalysis Business Partner and carried out consultancy through Centaur Biomechanics using the Equinalysis system. Since then Russell has given presentations on the use and application of biomechanics and has spoken at over 100 venues throughout Europe and America. Since 2007, Russell has been working with the British Equestrian Federation, working with riders on both the World Class Programme and Team GB. Russell provides video and biomechanical analysis to all disciplines - dressage, show jumping, eventing and para equestrian dressage. Russell has also worked with the Federation Equestrian International (FEI), British Vaulting and British Horse Trials Driving. Centaur Biomechanics acts purely as a consultancy service to the industry in providing gait analysis, rider analysis and other forms of analysis as a way of maintaining soundness and improving performance of horse and rider. Centaur has helped over 100 horses in maintaining performance and/or maintaining soundness and in 2010 Centaur worked with over 3000 riders in the UK and Europe.

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