Caroline Smail

"My dad always says "Laugh and the world laughes with you, cry and you cry alone"... keeping a positive attitude is the biggest thing."

About Caroline

Caroline, 35 year old above knee amputee and her goal is to get to the highest level in normal dressage a para rider has ever got. At 11 Caroline had cancer in her left knee, osteosarcoma, which meant the doctors removed her knee and shin bone and replaced them with metal. Unfortunately a massive chemo overdose left her very susceptible to infection and 8 years ago Caroline’s leg went septic and had to be removed. Since then it has been re-amputated 4 times due to further complications but each time has made her more determined. Caroline also has back issues as a result of walking so badly for so long. Caroline’s doctors permanently tell her to stop riding but she has ridden all of her life. Since having her leg removed Caroline focuses on dressage and her passion is to bring on and develop young horses. Caroline has an incredible saddle specially designed for her by Childeric, but apart from that everything is exactly the same! Caroline paints to fund her dream and is so excited about what the future holds. Caroline has an incredible trainer, Justine Sole, AM dressage.

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