Brendan Gallagher

"If you're on a horse and it's playing up, the place you need to be looking is straight between their ears. Because where ever the ears go, generally that is where the body is going to follow."

About Brendan

Brendan started breaking ponies at 7 years old, this may sound young, but he was lucky to have an Irish father with a "do it for yourself " attitude.  Brendan spent the rest of his childhood saving his pocket money, to allow him to buy more unbroken youngsters. He would break them and then sell them on. It was far from plain sailing. Although Brendan felt this was valuable experience, that he still draws upon today. It's been a very "bumpy" 24 years at times, but Brendan has progressed though the equine industry in various disciplines He now successfully runs HB Equestrian Ltd with my partner Hayley Bacon.

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