Jenni Winter

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you are right! "

About Jenni

Jenni has a passion for supporting you to succeed, whatever success means for you. She is an experienced and talented Confidence and Performance Coach who works with clients at all levels from grass roots to grand prix in any discipline. Her unique way of working supports you with your mind-set, body and partnership with your horse. This holistic approach means that Jenni is able to call on many different techniques to coach you to get the best out of your equine partnership, achieve the success you desire and enjoy your time together. Jenni's business; Flying Changes Coaching, is quickly establishing itself as an essential part of any partnership's support team. A fast growing number of people have realised that their mind-set is just as important (if not more so at times) as their riding ability and are now benefiting from her unique and results oriented approach to get the results they desire.

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