Lili Brooksby-Dalby

"Don't take it super super seriously, I was getting very hung up on the scores and it was ruining the enjoyment for me. So one day I just went out on my own with my pony thinking "I'm just going to go and have a good time", I was so relaxed which made my horse relaxed and we ended up on a great score. "

About Lili

Lili 29, based in the midlands. Lili has been riding since she was two years old, when her father first sat her on a pony. She begged her parents for a pony and was told that if she was still interested when she turns ten, Lili could have one. Lili got Gemma, her first pony, for her 9th Birthday. She moved onto her first horse, who Lili also still owes, Polly. Although she is best at jumping, she was the one who first gave Lili some indication of dressage. She also has her retired Kiki, her father's draught, Zu and finally the shetland stallion- Dougal. Horses are a passion, and her day job is running She is trained by Charlotte Dujardin and Richard Davison. She is also a trainer herself, a BHSAI INT SM. Lili is also sponsored by Petplan Equine, Sally Foreman Photography and Flying Changes Coaching.

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