Mark Butler

"Never under estimate the importance of good training for you as a rider and trainer, it's vital you understand the basics to enable you to lay good foundations for every horse you work with. Make sure you have some savings to tide you over in case you can't work due to the weather! Snow puts fear into most freelance trainer's hearts!!! "

About Mark

Mark has trained to Grand Prix and won at PSG, as well as winning a national title, he previously evented up to Intermediate level and showjumped to Foxhunter, before turning his attentions to dressage. Mark is a classically trained rider having been fortunate enough train with the likes of Klaus Balkenhol, Charles Du Kunfey, Arthur Kottas, Stephen Clarke and Emile Faurie. He regularly trains at home with International, Olympic trainer, Andrew Murphy. Mark is renowned for his patience and calmness, offering riders excellent, correct and focused training with a sympathetic approach. Mark works with a wide range of riders and horses of all levels from Novice to PSG. Mark specializes in teaching as well as producing horses both for himself and for clients up through the levels. His list of competition success include a national title, numerous top 10 placing at regional and national competitions and more importantly his client’s also boast impressive successes too, with a number qualifying and being placed at both regional and national level.

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